Are You a Victim of Vertigo?

Keep reading if you (finally) want to find the coveted answer to your dizziness

By Certified Vestibular Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Nidhi Shah PT, DPT, MS

You feel dizzy, swaying, rocking and the ground keeps moving out from under you! Walking in the dark gives you goosebumps. Your feet are wide apart when you walk, you are so afraid of losing your balance, that you avoid moving altogether. You’re so scared that the dizziness will come back. You’re afraid to go for grocery shopping, or drive or leave the house alone! You avoid going into the bed and lay flat because it makes the whole room spin, you’re so scared of even sitting in the car because it makes you so nauseous!

You feel guilty for not being able to do as much for your family any more.

You’ve been told you have vertigo, and gone through so much testing, but got no answers, and NO RELIEF!

Some people just accept vertigo as a part of their lives and believe that nothing can be done for it. That is not true at all!

Do you want to experience relief from your symptoms so that you can live your life without the fear of becoming dizzy or nauseous? If YES,

Here is what I’m offering you: “Re-Wire” The Ultimate Guide for Warriors of Vertigo.

In this Ultimate Guide, you will learn about:

  1. The different causes of dizziness, and how each of them feels: this will give you an idea about what you’re actually suffering from
  2. Why it is so important to fix your dizziness sooner rather than later, and how it can affect your balance, confidence, and life so much
  3. What can be done about these problems: so that you can live actively without losing your independence and without a fear of falling
  4. How to manage your symptoms and cope with an oncoming episode of dizziness so it doesn’t cause panic and anxiety

I am giving away 7 copies of this guide by mail for the first 7 persons who will contact me first before 2/10/2022. Call: 609-726-6003 or email: [email protected] to get your FREE copy.

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